Valor's Reach Magic: The Gathering

Valor’s Reach, a new Magic: The Gathering mobile game, has been revealed

Wizards of the Coast has revealed that they have a new Magic: The Gathring mobile game in development called Valor’s Reach. Developed by Seismic Games, who is also the developer of mobile game Marvel Strike Force, Valor’s Reach is a mobile CCG that is geared toward “quick, competitive, and casual 1v1 battles that can be played anytime, anywhere.”

And yes, Valor’s Reach does look suspiciously similar to Blizzard’s hugely popular Hearthstone.

“Valor’s Reach is a fast, fun, and explosive mobile CCG that features a rich variety of heroes based on Magic: The Gathering’s Planeswalkers,” said Executive Producer Dan McAuliffe.

The game is also developed to be played on your phone vertically and will
put the MTG Planeswalkers right at the heart of the action by making them center of the story and mechanics. WOTC says each planeswalker will have unique card types and play styles, with pre-made decks for those who want to immediately jump in and play the game. Being a Magic: The Gathering game, expect Deck building and customization to be part of the game’s mechanics. No word yet on pricing and what the in-game economy will be composed of.

Northern European users will be able to play the game in soft launch by March 25 for Android. Sadly, iOS users such as myself will need to wait a bit longer.

Personally, I’d rather they release Magic Arena on mobile instead.

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