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How To Earn While Playing Games – Play to Earn Watchlist for October 25, 2021

A lot of people right now are asking: How do you earn while playing games? Play to Earn games allow users to earn real money as you play the game or invest in it. This trend has recently been associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain based games. Due to the success and visibility of Axie Infinity, interest in P2E gaming has increased dramatically in the Philippines. If you are lucky to earn enough, players of these games cash out their earnings through digital payment wallets such as GCASH or Coins.PH.

Here are the Blockchain based NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Pay to Earn games that are on my radar this update:

  1. Age of Rust
    Age of Rust looks like a AAA game right out of the gate. A lot of NFT games coming out are showing alpha or beta screenshots. Frankly, a lot of them similar to a lot of mini games you would find typically on an early social networking site. Age of Rust aims to set itself apart by delivering modern 3D visuals and allowing players to solve puzzles to earn in-game currency and crypto prizes.

    Age of Rust

    One minor issue with Age of Rust is Valve’s dominant PC platform Steam has banned all games with NFT’s. Also note that Age of Rust also uses it’s own wallet system and game engine based on’s framework. Currently, there is not much buzz in the local Pay to Earn scene for this one but maybe this will change.
  2. Gods Unchained
    Gods Unchained will be very familiar for players of Hearthstone and similar type of online card games. You build decks based around a God and that defines what your playstyle and type of cards will be. For ex. War God players would be more aggressive in terms of playstyle vs a control Deceit God based player. So, how do you earn while playing games? Winning a match and rising in rank will get you free packs. Interestingly, Players need to have a duplicate of a card before you can add the card to the Marketplace and sell it to other people.

    Gods Unchained
  3. Nine Chronicles
    This is one of may favorite NFT games right now as the art style reminds me of Vannilaware’s games on the Playstation platform. Be warned though that it is an idle game, which means you don’t control your character’s actions during combat. Earning in game involves upgrading your items to higher rank versions and selling them on the marketplace.
    You can also earn the game’s crypto token NCG by completing tasks such as reaching a certain level or reporting official announcements on Twitter.

    Nine Chronicles
  4. Along with the Gods Knights of the Dawn
    This game looks very interesting as it reminds me of the old Demon Blaze game on Android.
    In order to be able to play to earn, Players need to sign up for a new server. This P2E server is reportedly to open efore the end of October. Earning in-game would consist of crafting items, merging and raising their rank items and then selling them on the marketplace.

    Along With The Gods NFT
  5. Samurai Rising
    Japan specific themed blockchain games are very rare. With Samurai Rising, you recruit samurais to your cause to battle other user’s samurais. Each samurai has a power level from 1- 10 and has one of the 4 different element types: Water beats Fire, Fire Beats Earth, Earth beats Wind and Wind Beats Water. Players can earn in-game currency by winning games and having win streaks. You can also send your samurais to “recruit” other samurais by staking them, this allows you to grow your stable of samurais to battle or sell on the marketplace.

    Right now, the main Samurai Rising card game is straightforward but benefits those who have high power cards. The developers have promised to expand on the use of these NFTS by adding new modes. One existing issue is matchmaking people with 1-5 power cards with whales who have 9 and 10 cards. This causes imbalance and not a good experience especially for newbies. Note that increase in local Pinoy exposure and coverage in this game in the past few weeks can lead to increased NFT prices.

    Samurai Rising

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