Diablo 4 Release Date

Diablo 4 Release Date is June 6, 2023

The Diablo 4 release date was just announced on the 2022 Game Awards and will launch simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on June 6, 2023.

After years of waiting, Blizzard has finally given us a specific date on when Diablo 4 is going to launch. Diablo is one of those game franchises where i have literally spent thousands of hours on. I played the first one obsessively in college and spent countless sleepless nights due to Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. Diablo 3 was more streamlined and vibrant vs the first 2 games and while it scratched an itch, it wasn’t the evolution to D2 i was hoping for. Other action RPG games like Path of Exile have filled a part of that but having Diablo 4 closer to release is a dream come true.

Diablo 4 release date trailer on Youtube

We all can preorder Diablo 4 here: https://diablo4.blizzard.com/en-us/#pre-purchase

The standard edition of Diablo 4 will cost $70, with the Ultimate edition at $100. I personally am planning to get both a PC and Playstation 5 versions of Diablo 4. I have attached here what each version of Diablo 4 will include as reference:
Diablo 4 Compare Editions

Here is Blizzard’s breakdown of those editions:

  • Standard Edition: Includes Open Beta Early Access*, the Light Bearer Mount in Diablo IV, the Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet in Diablo® III**, the Amalgam of Rage Mount in World of Warcraft®**, and the Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set in Diablo Immortal™**
  • Deluxe Edition: Includes everything in the Standard edition, plus up to 4 days Early Access to Diablo IV’s Launch***, and Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock in Diablo IV, the Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor in Diablo IV, and the Temptation Mount in Diablo IV.
  • Ultimate Edition: Includes everything in the Deluxe edition, plus an Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock in Diablo IV (a Premium Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock plus 20 Tier Skips and a cosmetic), and the Wings of the Creator Emote in Diablo IV.
  • The devout can also purchase the Diablo IV Limited Edition Collector’s Box**** ($96.66), which includes a double-sided electric Candle of Creation, a cloth map of Sanctuary, an Occult Mousepad, a pin of the Horadrim, two matted fine art prints (18.54” x 10.79”), and a Diablo IV Collector’s Edition Art book. Available for pre-purchase starting December 15 from the Blizzard Gear Store, and via select retailers in Australia and New Zealand.
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