Elsword Philippines Season 2: Utopia

It’s been awhile since i covered the local MMORPG beat and a lot of things have changed since then. Here’s an update for MMORPG players still reading the blog: Elsword Philippines Season 2 is starting soon and here are some new things to look forward to ingame.

Elsword Season 2 Screenshots

from the Publisher GARENA:

Elsword made its way to the Philippines last October 2, 2013. It was a game that was awaited by a lot of casual-MMO players for over 5 years since its debut in Korea. The game is developed by the Korean developer, KOG’ Games. From skills to combos, Elsword is not your typical 2.5D MMORPG. Experience non-stop combo action with a twist of comic-designed hardcore gameplay and numerous characters to choose from! Prepare yourself and be a part of the newest trend on Philippine gaming.


Elsword Philippines Season 2: Utopia features
– Anti Hack System
– PVP Battles
– New User Interface
– New Characters such as Ara Haan
– New pets, dungeons and mounts
– New Wedding system
– Dungeon Runs
– Level Cap Increase to 70

Download Elsword Philippines Client at http://elsword.garena.ph/

Author: Kiven
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