Google Report: Understanding the Modern Gamer

Google has just published a detailed report on everything it’s learned about gamers and their online search habits. Google’s main cash cow is ad sales via Adwords so understanding and gaining insight how searches can be tied to ads is important for its interests.

Kotaku writes: “The results have been published in a paper called “Understanding the Modern Gamer”, which reveals things like how often you’re searching, when you’re searching, and what exactly it is you’re doing the searching on.Most interesting, to me at least, is the breakdown in how gamer’s search patterns change according to the status of an upcoming game, showing the transition as people move from typing in “review” and “DLC” to “buy” through to “tips”. Other nuggets of note? One in five tips searches are now being done on mobile devices, presumably your phone or tablet while you’re sitting on the couch, and below you’ll see a graph charting gamer’s interest – as gauged by Google searches – in a title over its lifespan.”

This Google whitepaper examines the changes in video gamer digital behaviors through the lens of millions of tablet, desktop, and mobile searches. It also explores the meaningful link that exists between online engagement and game sales. Our research uncovers the following key trends:

More engagement: searches per gamer increased 20% year over year.
More research: 4 in 10 searches occur before a game releases.
More mobile: 1 in 10 searches happen on mobile devices.
More sales: 84% of game sales can be predicted by search clicks.

I wonder if these same behavior crosses through the various gaming platforms such as console, PC, mobile and web/facebook?

If you wanted to know how we Gamers search for information online, this Google report is definitely a must read.

Read Understanding the Modern Gamer here:

or download Understanding the Modern Gamer here – Report link:

Author: Kiven
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