slamdunk 3d

Slam Dunk in 3D: Shohoku VS Sannoh

Check out this awesome video inspired by the basketball Anime Slam Dunk!, made with the NBA 2k engine. The video is so awesome it makes us Slamdunk Fans cry! Definitely a labor of love!

slamdunk 3d

Yeah, i clicked replay a few times just watching this amazing Slam Dunk 3D video. A must see for any fan of the anime series.

Author: Kiven
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6 thoughts on “Slam Dunk in 3D: Shohoku VS Sannoh

  1. im a hu6e fan 0f ¬†SLAMDUNK..h0pe there’s a part 2..:)) i L0VE SAKURA6I.,RUKAWA.,MITSUI.,AKA6I last is RI0TA and k06ure..:)) L0VEEETTT..:))

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