Dragon Nest Weapon Crafting Guide by MythChrist

Check out this Dragon Nest Weapon Upgrading/Crafting Guide by MythChrist:

About weapon upgrading/crafting in Dragon nest
In fact, there are not any certain guides or techniques about crafting. It is easy to add from +1 to +6, course we only need to provide materials, don’t need to worry about losing the good crafted weapon/gear, so i will not talk this stage. If you want to craft from +6 to +7, from +7 to +8 or more, this thread maybe will help you some. Have to say, it seems everything is set by system, we have to request for good luck, good luck and good luck.
But some experienced players have their own opinions about it, maybe they tried many ways, then conclude one, those tips can be referenced, but they don’t suit for every player, so please notice that this is for your reference only.


How to Craft Weapons after +6 in Dragon Nest

Okay, I will introduce three ways then, first of all, we need to prepare enough crafting materials:
1. Craft a useless weapon/gear (usually it is a +3 one), until it is failed and disappears (we know if we craft a more than +6 item, once it is failed, it will disappear), then craft the targeted weapon/gear which you really want to craft. Some players think, the game has ruined one of my weapons/gears, if it goes on ruining another one, how to let me go on playing?

Tips: If the useless weapon/gear always fails during +3 to +6, which is the easiest stage, stop it, add another weapon/gear from +1 to +3 first, then go on crafting the useless weapon/gear, until it goes to +7 or more and fail, then craft the weapon/gear you want to craft.

2. Craft at an integral point, it just like a lucky time, some players think they will get better luck if craft at an integral point. Of course this method is not so dependable, but sometimes, if someone doesn’t have other methods, all ways he will try.

3. Some players are willing to go to a place where has little players, so that there is not a player will ‘steal’ their luck.

First way is the most suggested way, but it will not always works. Keep a good mentality, although failed, we can still play the game and be successful in the future. Don’t try to craft from +7 to +10 or more in one time, if you succeed at first, go while the going is good, or the last result is losing the good weapon.

At last, hope every player has a good luck in crafting. If you have you own experience about crafting, welcome to add more!


Author: Kiven
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16 thoughts on “Dragon Nest Weapon Crafting Guide by MythChrist

  1. Gets ko toh, If you are an experienced enhancer/forger/crafter in other games like ragnarok or cabal, then this guide seems to be common but it sometimes work. hehe.. back in RO days, I successfully upgraded a +10 Immune muffler. I used the massive upgrade method where in I got 7 pieces of +9 immune muffler. why 7? because 7 means PERFECTION hehe.. I upgraded around 1am then boom! +10 Immune muffler.

  2. Hi, thanks for posting this. I understand more of it but I need to read it 2 or 3 times to get what you mean.

  3. bobo mo mag english tang ina ka magtagalog ka na lng mali mali grammar parang di ka nag aaral

  4. btw it is enhance, not craft. craft is to create something. btw it is not advisement, it is advice. pls improve your english before you start a guide

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