Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (PS3)

The first entry in Sony’s PlayStation 3 remakes of PSP titles will arrive on August 25, Can you guess which franchise will be the first to be introduced? Yep, Capcom’s massively successful monster hunting series Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD will be released by this date in Japan.

The announcement was posted via a listing at Capcom’s direct sales site, e-Capcom. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD is priced at ¥4,320, which is 10% off the standard price of around ¥4,800.

What’s awesome is e-Capcom will be also offering a special “Extended Edition” which bundles the game with a special Blueooth Monster Hunter themed headset! Pricing for the e-Capcom exclusive set is ¥7,800, with free shipping. The Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD headset will also be sold on its own for ¥6,800. I want one!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Headset


Author: Kiven
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