New Love Plus for the Nintendo 3DS

New Love Plus will be the first Love plus game for Nintendo’s 3D Handheld. According to producer Akari Uchida, New Love Plus is a new title and all ingame areas have been redeveloped. Unsurprisingly, Love Plus girlfriends Manaka, Rinko and Nene are all returning for this version. New Love Plus screenshots in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu show the girls in Fall clothing, which maybe due to the game’s Fall 2011 release date.

Other new details mentioned in Famitsu include:

  • The game will support book mode (where you hold the 3DS with the screens lined up left and right).
  • There will be some form of connectivity with the arcade Love Plus games.
  • You’ll be able to ride your bike to school.
  • The girls will be able to get friendly with one another (hmm…).
  • This was mentioned before, but the game has a feature called Boyfriend Lock. This feature uses face recognition to make it so that your girlfriend cannot be used by other players.
  • The game will support 3D.
  • You’ll be able to save to SD.
  • As previously detailed, there will be some means of importing your data from the DS titles.

Here’s the best feature: New Love Plus will have a mode where you introduce your girlfriend to your parents — your real life parents. Uh, Awkward…

New Love Plus for the Nintendo 3DS ships in the Fall of 2011.


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