Hawken – Indie Mecha Combat FPS

Hawken might just one of the big indie projects of 2011. Developed by the 9 man team of Adhesive Games, Hawken is basically a gorgeous game that features robots/mechas trying to blow each other away. Every game needs a giant robot or three in my opinion.

The visual style of the mechs are more Mechwarrior than their japanese humanoid-like counterparts which works for me. I think the developers picked the perfect style for this sort of game, combat mechas that feel like big powerful machines filled to the brim with weaponry. You must see this game in action as the art direction is also superb, i love the way they optimized the use of art assets to bring this futuristic world to life.

Check out the Hawken trailer below as well as some Hawken screenshots.

Hawken Game Screenshots

Hawken Game Trailer

Hawken Official Website: http://hawkengame.com

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