Argo Online

burda:ic has just announced the launch of the teaser site for the upcoming steampunk MMO, ARGO Online. The Argo teaser site includes the first official trailer (in english!) for the Noblian faction, champions of technology who have long been at war with the natural forces of the Floresslah.

Argo Online Noblian teaser video

Argo Online Screenshots

Developed by MGame, ARGO Online features thousands of quests, epic battles with hundreds of players, and a wide variety of PvP modes. Expect standard MMORPG features such as a pet system, unique professions, and auctions when Argo Online hits North America (Hopefully accessible to Philippines MMORPG players) and Europe next spring.


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  1. sure is acceptable in the phillipines but OMG is so freaking lag when playing it… i got 1mbps internet connection and in the phillipines 1mbps is the commonly use connection.. so this is just so bad for us now…… :D btw tried to play it… and i was amaze but sadly lag….. but still awesome

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