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Kingdoms of Camelot is a role playing facebook game where you build your kingdom, raise an army and conquer the medieval world! To start your journey, it will give you the opportunity by awarding a new city chest, and 10 gems. Your City is in the center, and around you are Wildernesses to conquer, other Cities to ally with or Attack, and Barbarian Camps to be plundered and driven from our lands

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Kingdoms of Camelot Cheats, Guides and Tips

Using Knights to Supercharge your game
This Kingdoms of Camelot guide will discuss the most effective ways to use your Knights to supercharge your game. Too many people ignore their Knights (or at least downplay their effectiveness). With the new, fourth city deeds, the role of the Knight has never been more important. Hopefully, players are growing their Knights now for the future expansions into the fifth, sixth, etc cities.

Make sure you fully understand their power and capitalize on their benefits.

Read here: Using Knights to your Advantage

Build a Third City
Finally! On March 30th, 2010, the Kingdoms of Camelot developer implemented the much anticipated update that allows players to build a third city.

1. Preparation – Gather Crests
The first thing you need to do is to earn the crests required. You must turn in:

4 Sir Bor’s Crests
2 Sir Ector’s Crests
1 Sir Kay’s Crest

To earn those crests, you must conquer level 5 wildernesses or higher. You do not have to encamp your troops on them, so if you are already maxed out on the number of wildernesses you own, keep attacking and conquering. You do not have to abandon any to capture a crest.

Be prepared to conquer a LOT of wildernesses. On average, you will earn a crest about 3-5% of the time. There does not appear to be any differences in the drop rates or the type of crest on anything from a level 5 to a level 10 wilderness.

Your other option is to buy the Squire’s Chest in the shop. . . but that requires you to buy gems with real money.

2. Complete the Third City Quest
Click on your Quest Tab at the top of your screen and you should see Earn your Third City Deed quest available. By completing the quest, you exchange the Crests for the Third City Deed!

The deed will show up under My items and on the Court tab. Read the full article on how to build the third city here

Maximize your Might
Might is the measure of the game. If you are able to earn 2,000,000 might, you will reach level 60, which is the current cap in the game. The problem is how to reach that cap efficiently. Read my other posts on issues relating to food management.

Knowing that food is the most difficult factor to manage later in the game, there are a few statistics you may look at in determining how best to achieve increased might. More here

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