Haven World cheats, guides and tips

Haven World is another roleplaying game on Facebook similar to Castle Age. Haven’s gameplay and game systems are very similar to Castle Age down to the presence of unlockable bosses where you can get rare items for your character.

Looking for Haven World Cheats, guides and tips?

Haven World cheats, guides and tips – Facebook Games

Faster Leveling
Make use of your friends. Hire them as Oath Knights and ask them for potions. These will really speed up your completion of quests as you will have more energy to use.

Use your energy points wisely
Sometimes, it’s better to use that remaining energy to fight a boss than to just use it on one small quest. The reason is that when you need only say 12 exp points to level up, its much more efficient to use up a bigger amount of energy to reach the next level.

Battle, Battle, battle
Check out easy victories where you get 2 victory points. pick off any targets with low guild members as well.

Farm those bosses
Farm those Haven bosses so you can equip your generals with better gear

More Money
Save up early and buy those acres and build real estate to maximize your money generation in Haven

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