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H.A.V.E. Online otherwise known as Have Online is a team based multiplayer online FPS shooter game being developed by Korean game company SK iMedia. It reminds me of both Valve’s excellent team based shooter Team Fortress 2 and the graphics from Toy Story. What makes Have Online so awesome is that instead of your generic military types wiping each other out, the characters in the game are your TOYS fighting each other with crayons and other crazy stuff. See? I told you the game premise was interesting. Did i mention it is Free to Play?

Aside from FPS players, Anime fans and Figure collectors will also be attracted to this game which features familiar FPS controls but with a interesting yet unique setting where you fight as toys in the living room or in the kitchen. The weapons are varied, from your chainsaw to your grenade launcher. The game system also tracks multiple kills like KOS Online (http://kos.ph).

Have Online’s minimum system requirements are very easy to meet: Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz processor, GeForce FX5700 and 1GB ram. Not bad at all.

When the humans are away, the toys will play! Check out some beautiful Have Online videos

Have Online Item mall video

More Have Online game images/screenshots

More wallpapers courtesy of the Taiwan site of Have Online:

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