Dell Alienware MX11 Gaming Netbook

Looking for the most powerful laptop for gaming and multimedia with less than an 15 inch screen? Alienware’s MX11 is a gaming laptop squeezed into a 11inch netbook chassis. Want the specs?


• Core 2 Duo processor
• 1GB Nvidia 335M graphics card
• 6 1/2 hours of battery life (battery mode)
• 1366 x 768 pixel display
• 2 hours of gaming mode
• Gaming mode can be toggled on/off, switch from gaming mode to casual mode without restarting
• Video out via DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA, SIM slot
• 3D mark scores in 6-7k range
• 50FPS Crysis, 30FPS Call of Duty on High Settings
• Expected to cost under $1000

The caveat is that the chassis feels a bit plastic-ky and the screen isn’t the best there is but you’ll be able to run not just facebook and flash games while at Starbucks but games such as Dragon Age, Torchlight and NBA 2k10. The Alienware MX11 is a bit heavy though clocking in around 4-5 pounds. Other features include 3 USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, mini FireWire, VGA and check this out, a SIM slot.

Some web publications refer to this as a netbook but the MX11 is really stretching the definition as netbook are usually low power, small screen and low cost machines. The Dell Alienware MX11 has a small screen, definitely is not low power and has almost twice the price of the pricer netbooks.

I’d love to have this for my early 2010 present. =)

Image courtesy of Gizmodo.

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “Dell Alienware MX11 Gaming Netbook

  1. Some things just don’t really go well together with current technology like mobility and gaming. There will always be a trade off for one or the other. This netbook partially fails on both IMO. Too heavy for an 11.6in chassis, and a bit sub-par for a mobile gaming platform.

    And since pricing starts at 1000USD, it’s much better to spend your money on something else. A lot of notebooks carry high density displays up to 1680×1050 for 15-inchers, offering the same (or better) performance for the same price and weight.

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  3. I got a Acer laptop which is doing quiet well for a laptop, i just bought him 1.5 year ago so it’s kinda old… laptops age faster then desktops so this one will be pretty soon pretty old. and then to spend 1000USD on it… nah.

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