Maple Story 2 confirmed by Nexon

Nexon has apparently confirmed th eexistence of Maple Story 2 for the first time at Gstar 2009, and announced that Eun Do Che, director of Wizet, was assigned to start Maple Story 2’s development last year. At the press conference, Eun Do Che admitted that there’s indeed a team working on MapleStory 2’s development.


According to MMOSITE: “Developers of MapleStory are also helping with the game’s development. In the future, Seong Chan Lee will take over as the director of Wizet and apply himself to MapleStory 2’s development. Additionally, Jae Kyo Lee from Nexon also disclosed that besides sequels to MapleStory, Seong Chan Lee would also work on many other new projects’ development. But detailed content about the new projects still cannot be made pubic at present.”


Author: Kiven
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