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Farmville is a popular web game found on facebook, by game publisher Zynga. Farmville allows players to manage their own farm by taking care of farm animals and growing vegetables and fruits. The two key objective is to build experience points so you can move ahead and to make money so you can build a better farm. Farmville cheat codes exist online but i doubt if all/any of them are working. It does look though like a lot of people are growing tired of the time based game function of this casual web game that they are looking for cheats for the game.

Here are some unverified and alleged Farmville cheat and tricks to help you with your game. As with any trick or cheat, use these at your own risk.


FarmVille Cheat?
Try this though it may not work on every browser. Create an additional account (not your main one) which we call the giver. Using the giver account, right click on the “Gift” tab and then click on Open In New Browser. Open as many of this as you want. The, go to each open tab which essentially has the same screen and select the gifts you want. Please make sure you do that for each tab without confirming the selection. Then, go to each tab again and select your main account as the account to receive the gift. Again, the key is not to confirm anything. Once you are done, you can then click confirm and your main account should receive these gifts. Since gifts=money at some point, you would have created a way to earn unlimited amount of money though it is probably not as fast as doing it the honest way of planting and harvesting crops.

Farmville cheats in getting coins
This is not really a cheat but The trick is really knowing which tree and animals give you the best bang for the buck. It is usually good to just sell the tree once they have gone through one harvest. This is because the initial gifts does not cost any coin, but then it later takes up too much space and so selling them immediately allows you to make some coins on 0 cost and then save the time since it takes some time for the next harvest. Also, you get the most coins when you plant versus rearing animals. Just like stock investing, you really want to diversity as the plants takes different amount of time to grow and harvest. By planting several crops, it allows you to have almost a constant supply of fresh crops ready for harvest so you are not just waiting around for crops to grow.

You should also know that crops just grow whether you are in front of the computer or not. So, do know the timing of each crop as you need to be able to harvest them within hours or they will start rotting and you do not want to waste time clearing rotting crops.

Strawberries are the cheapest and grows in about 4 hours. So, you may want to start your morning sowing some strawberry seeds and then log in 4 hours later to harvest it. This is the crop you get started with when you start playing FarmVille, but it is not necessarily the best crop to plant since they can spoil very quickly which means you would have wasted all your money trying to plant the crop.

FarmVille cheats in a farm on auto pilot mode
If you do not have much time to work on a farm, yet want a stable cash flow, you may want to make decisions on the kind of tree you want to plant. Fruit trees last longer and allows you to sell the fruits for money. The problem is that they take up space, are expensive to buy and the fruits does not sell for a lot of money. In other words, your return on investment is not the best here. However, if you do not have time anyway, this may be the best for you. Otherwise, you can also invest in animals where you can get milk from the cows, eggs from the duck, etc and make some small cash flow with it. Unlike crops which is time critical, food from the animals never really spoil and so you are not tied to returning to your computer to try to manage it.

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