King’s Bounty Armored Princess Cheats Guide

King’s Bounty armored princess is a game in the vein of Heroes of Might and Magic. With the next HOMM still stuck inn development doldrums, the King’s Bounty series is the current poster game for this genre. For those who need additional help, check out King’s Bounty Armored Princess Cheats guide.


Instructions for using a code:
1. Call up the console by pressing “[Shift] + ~” (Hold down the Shift key and press tilde (~) simultaneously).
2. Enter the code.
3. Press [Enter].

The use of codes is recorded in savegame files, but they do not affect the final rating statistics.
fps – Shows the frequency of frames per second (fps).

money – Adds or subtracts the amount from the player’s current gold.
boat – Calls up a boat.
canfly – Turns your horse into a flying Pegasus.
name – Renames the hero.
petname – Renames your pet dragon.
doublearmy – Doubles the number of troops in that slot (1 .. 5). If you do not specify a slot, all your units are doubled.
item – Adds the item named “name” in your inventory.
levelup – The hero receives enough experience to gain the specified number of levels. If you do not specify a number, the hero gains enough experience to gain one level.
pet – Your pet dragon gains the specified number of levels.
leadership – Increases your leadership by “amount”.
crystal – Increases the number of magic crystals you have by “amount”.
rune – Increases the number of each type of talent runes you have by “amount”.
mana – Increases your maximum Mana by “amount”. If you do not specify an amount, it simply restores all your mana.
rage – Increases your maximum Rage by “amount”. If you do not specify an amount, it simply restores all your Rage.
magicbook – Gives you all spells at 1st level, and gives you all scrolls as well.

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