Atlantica Online to add new classes and mercenary

Atlantica Online is set to introduce 2 new main character classes: namely the guitar toting Musician and the power saw wielding Maniac. How to get/create them? Sadly, a player needs to be at least level 100 to be able to create the new classes.


The Musician (bard) is a long-range type and attacks by playing music that strikes two enemies on a straight lines. Musicians also have a magic attack called the Ravaging Melody that depletes enemies’ ATK power, DEF, and health. The other new main charcter class is the Maniac. The Maniac’s attack is able to hit all enemies in a row, and has a magic attack called Storm Blast.

The new Atlantica Online mercenray class and full Atlantica Feb 18 patch changes after the jump.

Atlantica also has a new mercenray class called the Elementalist. The Elementalist is a new, Class B magic mercenary that can be recruited in North America for players level 100 and above. When upgraded, the Elementalist becomes Pocahontas. (?!?)

Atlantica Online Feb 18 Patch notes

New Main Character Classes

  • The Musician, armed with a guitar and light armor, can play music to strike two enemies in a line.
  • The Musician’s Ravaging Melody magic helps players’ attack by decreasing enemies’ Attack Power, defense, and health.


  • The power saw-wielding Maniac can attack enemies in a row.
  • The Maniac’s Storm Blast magic causes severe damage and lowers enemies’ might.
  • The Maniac can only be created after you have reached Lv. 100

New Mercenary

  • The Elementalist is a new B-Class mercenary, and when upgraded becomes Pocahontas.
  • The Elementalist can be recruited from NPC Wise Orenda near the Eternal Ravine in North America; must be at least Lv. 100 to take on this quest.

Mercenary Lease System

  • Players can now lease up to 2 mercenaries for Free Leagues, from NPC Proximo in Rome, near the fountain.
  • When leasing mercenaries, can give them all skills for a set fee.

New Main Character-Only Magic

  • Sword: [Chaos Edge]: Damages an enemy with a blade of darkness; enemies who are affected by Brutal Will or Seth’s Will takes additional damage.
  • Axe: [Warrior’s Rage]: Overpowers enemies in a burst of rage.
  • Spear: [Flame Spear]: Cause severe damage in a cross pattern.
  • Cannon: [Devastation Shell]: Devastates enemy formations with a deadly cannonball.
  • Gun: [Scorching Bullets]: Burns enemies with scorching bullets; enemies who are affected by Deep Insight or Smoke Bomb takes additional damages.
  • Bow: [Arrow Cascade]: Strikes enemies with a volley of arrows.
  • Staff: [Flame Blow]: Burns enemies with a scorching flame.

Equipment Exchange

  • NPC Wild Cat in Rome will exchange your grade 10 equipment of Lv. 70 or higher for a higher level equipment at grade 7 or higher.
  • A Oriharukon Enhance stone is required for the exchange.
New Quests

Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town

  • A new dungeon for the main storyline, Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town, has been added for players Lv. 115-plus.
  • To begin the quest, players must go to the NPC Wuma near Chang An.

Lijiang Women’s Village

  • This main storyline quest for players Lv. 108-plus starts with the NPC Cheng-Lin located southwest of Central Asia.

Sea of Clouds Tower

  • This main character upgrade quest for players Lv. 100-plus has been added so that players’ main characters can learn a main-only skill.
  • This quest can be obtained through NPC Monk Dingxian.

Human Heritage I

  • This sub-quest for players Lv. 65-plus in the Valley of the Kings is to help the NPC Dispatcher Francis, located near Cairo.

Additional Quest Info

  • Sima Quan’s Greeting quest has been added for players Lv. 20.
  • NPC Chu Lian and NPC Tai Hua Gong quests have been added.
  • NPC Dispatcher Hughes’ quest has been added.
  • Lost Saqqaq Tribe has been added for Lv. 98-plus players.
  • The title of Terminator has been added from NPC Thalia.
  • NPC Mystery Acong has been added in front of Rome.
    • Smoked Salmon (from the item mall) is used to exchange various items from Mystery Acong.
    • Players, who must be Lv. 70 or above, can exchange Smoked Salmon only once.

New Dungeons

Alcatraz Prison
  • This 7-character Nation Dungeon, located near Vancouver, is now available to the King who controls Vancouver; the King will receive the Key of Alcatraz in his/her mailbox.
  • The rewards for this dungeon include the Prison Officer’s Safe, from which the rare Officer’s Shotgun can be obtained.

Valley of Oblivion

  • This Guild Dungeon is in North American and can be activated with the Cube of Amnesia, which can be purchased from the NPC Pointry with guild points.
  • The rewards for this dungeon include the Evil Protector’s Box, from which Elementalist quest items and the rare Storm Bringer can be obtained.
  • To enter the Eternal Ravine, players must first obtain the Cube Shard from the monsters in the Room of Cubes sub-dungeon in the Valley of Oblivion.

Sealed Tower of Darkness

  • This Individual Dungeon for Lv. 101-plus players must be activated with the Sealed Black Key, obtained from NPC Pointry with battle points.
  • The entrance is through Bran Castle: 2F; the time limit is 40 hours.
  • The Sealed Tower of Darkness is connected to other dungeons, so when players kill a boss, they can obtain a key for another dungeon.
  • The rewards include Nosferatu’s Equipment Box.

Birthday System

  • A character’s birthday can be found in My Info > Character > Birthday Info.
  • A birthday notice mail will be sent 15 days, 7 days, and 1 day before, as well as the day of, your main character’s birthday.
  • The NPC Birthday Gift-giving Acong near Bordeaux will give you a Gift Box the day before and on your main character’s birthday.
  • Your main character and mercenaries will automatically level up to the next level on your main character’s birthday.


  • All monetary rewards have been doubled.
  • Lower division XP book rewards have been increased.
  • The reward for participating in a Weekly Championship has been increased to 1 Atlantis Gold Coin.
  • Players will no longer receive Power-Up licenses for winning in the Free Leagues.
  • Rewards for observers have been added.
  • Turn time limit has been reduced from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.


  • Nations can now gain experience points to level up.
  • Only Nations above Lv. 5 may use King’s Judgment.
  • Nations now have a Nation Storage; storage size will depend on the Nation’s level.
  • Storage can be accessed from NPC Caesar > Nation List > Nation Storage.
  • Guild/Town quests now yield more experience and guild points
  • New quests have been added
  • Manager’s Scrolls can be used only 5 times in a day.
  • When a player below Lv. 30 sends mail, he/she will expend 50% Will (does not apply to friend/guild/mentor/referrer mails).
  • View your referrals from a new menu accessible via Community > Referral.
  • When a friend levels up beyond 50, you will gain additional experience for up to hour( previously it was 10 minutes).
  • Referrals will no longer give points upon registration; points are given after they hit level 30.


  • These new medicines can now be crafted: Alchemist’s Stone, Origin of Darkness. and Jiuyodian.
  • A new tool, Enriched Adamantium Ingot, can now be crafted.
  • Skill books for the Maniac’s and Musician’s magic skills can now be crafted.


  • Lv. 113 equipment, Phoenix’s Equipment, has been added.
  • Players will now receive a message with how many boxes they can open for the remainder of the day after every 10 box uses (Note: trading a book with Goncourt counts as a box use).
  • Licenses and spell books have been deleted from the Mercenary’s Wooden Box, Mercenary’s Bronze Box, and Mercenary’s Steel box.
  • The drop list of Guard Towers and Generators in Guild/Nation Dungeons have been modified to match the mid-boss drops from that dungeon.
  • Buff books from Guild/Nation Dungeons Tower of Babel, Ghost Shop of the Caribbean and Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi have had their expiration times removed.
  • The Immortal Hearts requirement for the Dark Archer quest has been reduced.
  • Scroll of Confusion has had its casting time increased to 3 turns.
  • Players must be at Lv. 20 or above to use De Mere’s Equipment Box Roulette.
  • A maximum of 50,000 elements can be obtained when dismantling equipment.
  • Players can now receive Flame Elements instead of Sea Elements when dismantling depraved equipment.
  • Quest items now have a “Q” mark on their icon.


  • Disguised Tlaltecuhtli’s magic has been changed from Magic Defense to Resurrect.
  • Bewitching Succubus Queen’s magic has been changed.
  • Temptation seduces the enemies to stop attacking.
  • Davy Jones’ True Form and Incarnation of Davy Jones have been changed to have their attack based on the number of mobs surrounding them.
  • Yggdrasil 2F monsters’ basic attack has increased.
  • Yggdrasil Seal Monsters’ critical attack has increased.
  • Sedna’s maximum health points and magic defense have been decreased while her basic attack has increased.
  • Giustiniani’s magic has been changed and his maximum health points have been decreased.
  • Marksburg Castle’s Great Sorceress’s magic has been changed.
  • The Mercenary Room has been increased from 10 slots to a maximum of 20.
  • The Extended Material Bag has been increased to hold 4 rows, up from 2; the interface has been changed, as well.
  • Blessing Potions and Auto-Search Licenses can be turned on and off by going to My Info > Character > Effect; however, the duration time will keep running.
  • You can now turn passive magic on or off, by going to My Info > Skills > Magic.
  • Uncheck Auto-Battle to turn off; check Auto-Battle to turn on.

World Environment

  • Vancouver has been added to North America
  • New York and Vancouver are now up for bidding
  • New battle maps have been added in the southern area of Northeast Asia and Valley of Oblivion near North America.
  • Rome has a new place called the Library, where Shakespeare will stay.
  • Plaza of the Dead, Frozen Adlivun, Terrace of Light, and Terrace of Darkness’s maps have been improved.
  • Central Asia outdoors has been updated.

Mount Book

  • The Mount Book is accessible through Game Info > Mount Book.
  • Mounts can now be stored, just like the warehouse.
  • There is a service fee of 100,000 gold per mount stored.
  • Storing mounts will generate Collection Points every day.
  • You can use Collection Points to purchase items from NPC Pointry.

General Changes and Bug Fixes

  • 3 new hairstyles have been added: Long Wave, Afro and Rasta
  • Players can now send mail in bulk to their Nations, Guilds, and Friends for a fixed price (500,000 for nations, 100,000 for guilds, and 50,000 for friends).
  • The launcher has been updated.
  • Betting amounts have been increased by 5 times.
  • The number of items you can sell in the market increases at level 90 and every 10 levels thereon.
  • Players can now choose to hide their weapon.
  • The Challenge button will no longer flash while in battle.
  • My Store categories are now alphabetized.
  • The Experience Obtained window while in a party has been modified.
  • Quiz Room management is now implemented.
  • The Trading Post system has been added; with each town’s Trading Post selling and trading regional products; prices will fluctuate based on the products’ availability.
You must buy the Trade Permission item from the market for a fixed price before you can buy and sell regional products.
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