Nippon Ichi’s first Disgaea action title

Nippon Ichi has started talking about its leaked action Sony PSP title: Prinny: Ore ga Shuujinkou de Iinsuka. Why am i imagining something like Maple Story, Grand Chase or Soul Nomad and Grim Grimoire?

This new PSP title, whose name translates roughly to Prinny: Is it Okay if I’m the Main Character?, stars Prinny, a mascot of sorts from the Disgaea strategy series. This isn’t a strategy game, though. Nippon Ichi describes it as its first action game. The title will feature 2D side scrolling action with the promise of lots of replay value.

The storyline hints that the game will feature Disgaea cameos other than just Prinny. Etona, Prinny’s master and also a Disgaea character, has sent Prinny off to find the ultimate sweets. Standing in Prinny’s way are some tough demons!

While not mentioned in Nippon Ichi’s official announcement, the retailer report from earlier in the week mentioned that the game will make use of the PSP’s wireless functionality. Players will be able to record their play sessions and send them to friends. In addition, Nippon Ichi plans on offering maps and bosses as downloads.

Also mentioned by the retailer is a pre-order bonus. Nippon Ichi will give pre-orderers (this is for Japan only at the moment) an original soundtrack CD created by Disgaea series composer Tenpei Sato. The CD will include vocal tracks.


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