How long does it take for Acer Philippines to respond to emails?

I sent an email inquiry to Acer Philippines a couple of days ago and i still have to hear/see/read any shred of evidence that someone inside Acer actually bothered to check their inbox. I sent an email to inquire about the possibility of upgrades for my existing setup but it seems intarnet gnomes have intercepted my digital correspondence.

How long does it take for Acer Philippines to respond to emails? The answer: 5 days! at least in my case.

May 17, 2008: Acer has contacted me via a reply to this post.

So much for technology.

Yeah, yeah i can call them up or whatever but what’s the point of having an email address if you dont check/reply to incoming messages?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Acer’s Supercare and home service but i expected a much quicker response to a simple email. I wonder if anybody tried doing the same thing and got the same result?

So here i am waiting for Acer Philippines’ answer to my simple inquiry…… *clock is ticking*

Yoohoo! I need to upgrade!

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4 thoughts on “How long does it take for Acer Philippines to respond to emails?

  1. Dear Mr. Kiven,

    May we know your actual email address and the title of your email? This way we can further check our inbox.
    Acer Philippines Inc. have anti-spam and firewall mechanism that could have potentially block your email.

    You may email us at or If possible do give us your mobile number
    or your phone number, we will be glad to give you a call.

    Thank you very much.

    Acer Service Management

  2. Dear Sir Kevin,

    Thank you sir, we will wait for your request/question then.

    Acer Service Management

  3. Acer has the worst customer service in the Philippines…in my opinion! I had a nightmarish experience with them when I bought Aspire One.They’re into tech business yet , ironically, they don’t answer emails, phone calls and fax… That’s annoyyying! They definitely know what I’m talking about…whew!

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