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Buying and selling MMORPG accounts has become big business over the last few years as more and more gamers are deciding to put their accounts up for sale. Gamers from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars to Lord of the Rings Online are not only buying and selling their accounts, but also auctioning them off at sites like offers free auctions for members throughout dozens of categories. With World of Warcraft being the largest they also have auctions for Everquest accounts, Guild Wars Accounts as well as dozens of others. also takes security seriously as buying and selling MMORPG accounts is risky business. All accounts must be verified before anyone can buy or sell anything and all accounts are manually checked, which has made a safe place for its members.

With MMORPG growing year to year and gamers wanting to be able to cash in on their characters or take a shortcut to a high level character, auction sites like will only get bigger.

Check them out if your interested.

Author: Kiven
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