Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up again

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Holy #%#^! Jackie CHan and Chris tucker will be teaming up again but , thankfully, not for Rush Hour 4. My fave duo of all time peaked when Rush Hour 2 was released and the third part was mostly bleh. Hopefully they can rekindle some of the magic of the original Rush Hour film.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are set to reunite again, but this time it won’t be for a Rush Hour film.

Chan told MTV: “It’s like two days ago when Chris Tucker called me. We sat down and decided we want to do another movie. Not a Rush Hour – something new.”

Further details were sketchy however, with Chan saying he and Tucker “shook hands” on a deal but were looking for a “middle man” to force them to get together.
Expect more side-splitting shenanigans like this from the new Chan/Tucker collaboration.

Previously that would have been Rush Hour helmer Brett Ratner, but it remains to be seen if he’ll once again direct the comedy odd-couple.

Jackie Chan will next be appearing oppositie Jet Li in martial arts flick The Forbidden Kingdom.


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2 thoughts on “Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up again

  1. RH2 is simply the best RH mainly because there’s Zhang Ziyi. :-D

    *ends fanboy comment*

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