Nvidia 9600GT reviews

Has it been that long since the 8800GT or even the 88xx series of video cards from Nvidia came out? Right now, we got a new contender for the midrange graphics card market in the form of the new member of its 9xxx GPU family: Nvidia’s 9600GT. Hmm..Nvidia is sure running out of 4 digit numbers to name its GPUs

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XFX 9600GT review

Nvidia and its partners have gone for the jugular with the price point that the 9600 has been offered at. $179.99 for the XFX 9600GT model and slightly higher for the higher speed models. That falls below the price point that the HD3850 was offered at in Q4 of 2007. If you already have an HD3870, the performance is similar so there is no real upgrade path here. Now if you have not purchased a card, and are surfing in the $150 to $200 zone waiting for the right deal, an opportunity has presented itself in the 9600GT. You can get a card that at times, has performance just short of an 8800GT and on par with the HD3870 for an attractive price point.

Hothardware Nvidia 9600Gt Review

For gamers with 20-24” widescreen displays, the GeForce 9600 is a pretty great companion graphics card. If you’re going beyond 24”, we’d recommend going for one of the higher-end members of the GeForce 8800 series (GTS, GTX) to see solid performance at 1920X1200 or 2560x 1600. Or, pick up a pair of the 9600 GT’s in SLI and get roughly the same performance from a pair of G94 GPU’s. This new GPU does handle SLI configurations quite well, in performance, power consumption, and overall heat/noise output. While we’re not convinced it hits some sort of sweet spot that other cards had not, we will say that a pair of these in SLI make for a potent combo for a gaming system.

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