Final Fantasy 7 on the NES?

Yep, you read right. Some chinese company had basically shrunk down the original playstation classic for the NES, a console released 20 or so years ago. And they have more or less succeeded with some allowances due tothe limitations of the cartridge size. Thats the crazy part.

ff7-0002.jpg ff7-1262.jpg

No, that is not a mock up. No, powering it up does not reveal it to actually be an impossible hack of Super Mario Bros. Someone, or some company rather, has made what was once a pipe dream come true: Final Fantasy VII on the NES. Unfortunately, neither the cartridge nor the ROM itself is branded with a release date, so I have no idea when this happened. All I know is that it was tagged NJ063 by the unlicensed cartridge factory, and was programmed by Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co, Ltd, a company which now produces MP3 and MP4 audio players.


Author: Kiven
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