RF Online goes free to play


RF Online, The Philippines’ ONLY Sci-fi MMOG is set to launch their biggest patch yet, Episode 2 – Giga 1: “Pioneers of Novus”on August 28, 2007. The patch features powerful new weapons and it’s very own Item Mall. Players who were turned off by the premium priced subscription rates of RF will now be able to enjoy the game as RF Online will now be FREE TO PLAY!

A Premium Subscription option will still be available for players who wish to gain an extra edge by offering 2x Exp / 2x PT / 2x Drop and 2x Mining Rate! (As well as getting bonus credits for item mall purchases when they opt to use the Premium Subscription Option). Item Mall credit and premium game time rates will be announced soon!


Author: Kiven
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13 thoughts on “RF Online goes free to play

  1. Huwaaaaaaat? F2P na ang RF Online. Darn! That does it. I’m playing that game. Now, if I can only remember my username and password. Hehehe. :p

  2. Hmmmmm…
    Thats great..
    But still it would have PRO’s and CON’s
    U know..
    New friends..
    More players
    but it would also mean
    LAG esp during chip wars…
    Harder time in doing thing(Still because of many players)
    Thats just some..
    But as a whole this new thing is great..
    Thanks a lot…
    Is there any site that could link us to item mall(what items are included and galactic credit required) even b4 the patching of Epi 2?
    Thx..Pls post ASAP..TY

  3. RF is F2P? cool ^_^
    see ya all there friends
    il switch to RF on 28 ^_^
    il start downloading the client now ^_^

  4. hlp po pls. meron po ba kyo alm na site kng san pde mgdownload ng rf online ep2? cannot find webpage po ksi dun sa direct download sa main site. at suuuuuupr bagal ksi kng gamitn q ng torrent. help po pls.

  5. Grabe meron bang direct dload yung valkyrie???
    nagkaron na ng ugat yung monitor kakahintay sa dload ng valkyrie dahil sa bitorent

  6. Hi,

    Im DJ program researcher of SAPULSO in Qtv. We are doing a story about online gaming ang the market it created. Naghahanap po ako ng mga gamers for interview. Yung mga gamers na pilot, nagbebenta ng items at yung player who has earned big time sa online gaming. the purpose of this is to show to our viewers na malalim na at malaki ang economy ng online game. hindi na lang siya game kundi isang industry.

  7. ako gamer poh me……so how does this “INTERVIEW THING-O-MAGIC” works huh?….i play PF, Rf, Ragnarok, Flyff…….just pm me if ur intersted….k?

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  9. Hey ! C’mon pilipinas ! Who can play RF ? The strongers ! Fight with ME !

    I’m From Indonesia =P
    I’m lv 57 Lunar server

    My Armor Int lv 55 +6 all Favor ! My weapon is Man Eather +6 ! Who can Kill me ? Hahahaha

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