Freestyle Philippines Arena and Points Showdown Patch

Think you got game? Then you better get ready coz’ Freestyle Online is serving up more basketball action in its latest patch! New game modes such as Arena and Points Showdown will surely keep y’all busy for another season! Check out whats new in Freestyle Philippines:


When creating your characters, more information is provided upon creation to give you an idea of how your baller will turn out to be. Will he be a force inside the paint or a sweet shooter beyond the arc? There are also new backgrounds for you to feast your eyes on.

More about FREESTYLE PH’s ARENA MODE and POINTS SHOWDOWN Patch after the jump.

FREESTYLE Philippines Website

ARENA Mode Concept
– This is a mode where users can play games in a non-biased environment by setting attributes and levels of every character to be equal.
– Users will still be able to use items/skills that they originally have in their characters.

– Users can bet some of their own points to earn the Showdown Points set from other users giving them a chance to double their points.

Creating a Points Showdown Mode Room
– Anyone can create an arena mode room just by checking the Mode Boxes in any league (Rookie or Major). Users must put in the right amount of Showdown Point Settings to create a Points Showdown Room.
– After a match is finished, only the winning team splits the Showdown points set for them. The losing team on the other hand receives Points/EXP for grade – bet points (100 each)

To search for Arena Mode and Showdown Mode rooms, make sure to click on the “Special” side tab before searching for the rooms. No normal mode rooms will be seen when the Special tab is clicked.

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13 thoughts on “Freestyle Philippines Arena and Points Showdown Patch

  1. pano pu ba download ung Freestyle Philippines Arena and Points Showdown Patch??gusto ko mag laro nyan ehh..!! pano pu ba download??

  2. ei guys need some help here!!!

    dko malaru freestle!!! pagkatapos ng patch ng aapear ang “you must create a new character” tapos nag exit na ung game! what should i do??? pllllzzzz help!

  3. hey! i have another question… can freestyle Philippines run in an ubuntu os? just asking…

  4. i dont know how 2 download freestyle patch!!!!
    iwant to play it!!! help me im chan!!!


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