ReviewME: WoW Gold Price List

This is a paid sponsored review via Reviewme, this time for the online currency website WoW Gold Price List ( The first thing that you will notice aout the site is the comparison of gold prices across a couple of gold vendors on the web. According to the site, they monitor the top gold currency service providers and posts the cheapest WOW Gold prices on this site. Definitely a big plus for those into buying currency online, whatever the consequences may be.

While the site has a few other sections like Tips, Guides and a section on how to sell your own gold, the site’s focus is really to get you to buy world of warcarft gold at the lowest prices they can find. If you see a price that you like, clicking on the specific vendor name will bring you to the specific vendor’s site so you can peruse which realms and how much gold is available. Note that they also have a Europe section for the European WoW Servers.

Design wise, the site is a bit on the minimalist side of things, with a couple of World of Warcraft booth babes on the side to temporarily divert your attention. But make no mistake, WoW Gold Price List is one of those sites for gold buyers looking to find the best value possible.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an endorsement for the use of online game currency providers. Use them at your own risk.

Author: Kiven
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