Globe-Innove Blogger Meet at Greenbelt 2

Globe Innove Blogger at the Temple Bar in Greenbelt 2

I finally got to meet Abe, Angelo, Bimbo, Marc, Rico, and Noemi plus Markku and Bos Jayvee. I didnt get to meet the others: , Gail, Anton, and Connie. tsk. I hope to talk to you guys some other time.

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I swear, just sitting beside those guys had my page rank go up as im already at Free Pagerank Checker. w00t.

The Innove meet went well, i had my fair share of pineapple juice drinks while talking with James, Jenny and the rest of the Innove contingent. Innove was trying to get into the minds of people that use the internet as part of their daily lives, in order to improve their services. We were split into 2 groups with me joining Markku, Noemi, Vespinoy, and Rico and we all had a good time laughing and sharing stuff. I know i did, i dont get out that often lol.

One of the more interesting items on the presentation was the new pricing scheme for Globelines Broadband: 512Mbps for Php995, 1.5Mbps for Php1995 and 2995 for 2Mbps. If they can provide better customer support as compared to PLDT then im switching over ASAP. Take note though that these speeds are more likely burst speeds, ask them about their CIR (committed information rates). Anything less than that means youre having a problem.

I even got a Globe Gift Pack that included a jacket, a one month worth of Worldpass for Wifi. Too bad i dont have laptop right now. Tsk.

Bottomline is that i feel that Globe-Innove didnt actually present anything that would make us go “WoW, i gotta have that!”. The services that were presented smacked of keeping up with PLDT while offering just a wee bit more. Innove could have done more with a lot of high profile bloggers present but i felt they didnt actually push the envelope like say offering us 6 mos of free DSL or maybe just Wifi access and then ask us to blog about the service, regardless of the experience. Im not trying to sound like trying to get a freebie but imho if youre THAT confident with your service then youve got nothing to lose. or if thats too expensive for Ayala’s taste, maybe they couldve just helped some of the bloggers to get a Globe DSL connection since i think a couple of us would like to have Globe DSL at home. We/They still pay for the service but im sure we/they will definitely blog about the experience. Just dont expect us to write good things about the service all the time, if its sucks then people will read about it on our blogs.

Other views on the Innove Blogger/s Meet
Noemi | Photos (OMG caught in the act! Kungfu! Kunfumulutan e ubos. LOL!)
Anton (with photos)

BTW, Globe/Innove are also looking for bloggers from the Visayas and Mindanao for them to talk to. Check out Abe’s thread on how to sign up.

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3 thoughts on “Globe-Innove Blogger Meet at Greenbelt 2

  1. Hey Kevin,
    I had a blast that night.
    It seems that the PR thing worked! haha
    PR3 na ako! hahaha….that’s from a PR-100 hehe.

    hope to see you again soon!!

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