Team USA bows down to Greece

Team USA just lost 101-95 to Greece. I think that in a way the loss is good for USA Basketball . The USA has done a good job of scouting, choosing good players, preparing well but what it doesnt have is the experience of winning and more importantly, losing, as a team. Practicing for 2 weeks is great and all but these teams that are playing in the World Basketball Championships in Japan have been through years of pain, tears, setbacks before they meshed together as a team. Team USA wouldve slapped the world in the face if they just steamrolled through the competition with just 2-4 weeks of being trying to build a cohesive team. The US needs to win the Americas Qualifier in Venezuela next year to compete in the Olympics, and they need these young guys on Team USA to mature as players and understand the game better. Having Kobe and Amare wouldnt hurt either.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “Team USA bows down to Greece

  1. oh they do need outside shooting but more importantly they need to play as a TEAM. look at the USA-Greece game again and they were repeatedly burned by one play. a pick and roll play. these are young guys. some of them never even played in college. there is no clear leader on the team, no veteran leadership. Bruce Bowen is a fantastic player but he wont be a vital cog for Team USA, he’s too old. The core of this team can last 6 years and Colangelo is looking to the future rather than investing in the present.

    1-2 months doesnt make you a great basketball team especially if you play games like these WBC games once a year.

    Yopu may have shooters, but if you dont have a team that knows how to play and run those plays then useless din =). Give Lebron Melo and the other guys some time to work on their jumpers, Kobe threw up airballs againts Utah in 1997 before he bacme Black Mamba di ba? lol

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