HeroClix Collection Aug 2006


Thanks to Neutral Grounds Alabang ATC, Glorietta, SM Megamall and Filbars Greenbelt 1 for robbing me blind while i whittle away their stocks of Heroclix packs. LOL.

Seriously though, My first foray into the CMG (Collectible Miniature Game) scene had me buying 1 DC Starter, 1 Marvel Starter and some boosters of the Icons, Mutant Mayhem, Universe, Armor Wars of the HeroClix CMG. and one rather expensive D&D War of the Dragon Queen booster as posted earlier. I also went and tried a couple of Mechwarrior and Mage Knight boosters.

[ View my collection here ]

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “HeroClix Collection Aug 2006

  1. *Activate Geek Mode*

    Yan tuloy, naalala ko ung encounter with Doomsday. I was using Cyclops (mixed DC-Marvel game), Iron Man, and I think Captain America in a tight formation. My opponent uses Green Lantern’s carry ability, and guess what he does?!? He brings along Doomsday, and lands them among my three heroes! Three turns, three deaths!

    *Deactivate Geek Mode*

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