Marvel Comics’ Civil War


Civil War is Marvel’s 2006 big crossover event and centers on the signing of the Superhuman Registration act will requires all who have superhuman abilities to register with the Government of the USA. Im back into reading comic books since the mid 90s and i must say that a lot of the themes nowadays have evolved not to mention how the individual charcters have evolved throughout the years. On whose side are you on?

According to the Civil War Wiki: “The Act splits the superhuman community in the Marvel Universe, resulting in two super-powered factions: one advocating registration as a responsible obligation, and the other opposing the law on the grounds that it violates civil rights and that it would turn all superhumans into government agents. Writer Mark Millar has noted “The political allegory is only for those that are politically aware. Kids are going to read it and just see a big superhero fight.”

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  1. read the first issue and i tell you…this looks very promising…the revelation of peter parker as spider-man is shocking to comic-people and i don’t know how dc could top this one off.

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