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1. Wade injured. Miami pa den. Nag promise nanaman si Rasheed to win. Somebody please shut him up.Dumadalas na eh.Hehe.Sobra na.Tama na.Game 6 na.
2. Currently playing Sid Meier’s Civilization 3 (for the nth time) and the GBA’s Fire Emblem Sacred Stones
3. Waiting for for the English version of Nintendogs before i buy a Nintendo DS. Same with Animal Crossing.(startsourgraping)Why bother with a PSP when youre gonna play the same games on your PS2?(endsourgraping)
4. Burn DVD’s.
5. Mihiro and Hoshino.(pang JAV fans lang ito hehehe.)
6. Redeveloping (not to mention scanning the infamous Pisay Superheroes comic/s)
7. Loafing around
8. Ocassional GuildWars and WoW.
9. Looking for a 17″ LCD
10. Post Filler. edit – oh yeah, about the Baton passed to me by Joan? Ill answer it but by the time i do finish it, everybody with a blog and email address has a baton passed to them so i aint passing it on. =)

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6 thoughts on “Currently….

  1. ahahaha… spurs? parang suns at dallas parin bakbakan sa conference finals…

    Still believing on my HEat… playoffs is a different stage. A new beginning and a sudden death.. Let’s see..

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