DHL – You need to treat your customers better.

Edit June 10 2005: DHL sent a letter saying na kami daw ang at fault at di complete papers. THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOUR DHL EMPLOYEES KEPT SAYING THAT EVERYTHING WAS OK UP TO THE DAY NA ISHISHIP NA?

So its ok to tell us na sorry na lang kung mawalan kami ng pera? to not reprimand an erring employee and pass on the buck to a client while not, at the least, offer some sort of compensation sounds pretty unfair to me.

So if an employee/manager of DHL gives us wrong information which is the cause of a shipment delay and which will cost me a LOT of money e the fault is with us?

THATS BULLSHIT. And as ive said, if this happens to a corporate account, DHL will take our case more seriously than merely brushing it off like they did.


Imagine this:

1. I plan to ship out some ornamental plants to the US.
2. I go with DHL because i (erroneously) believed they provide the best service.
3. We go to DHL with a sample plant to check if they can send out our shipment. They said “No problem,Sir”.
4. We also checked if they needed any papers for the shipment, some Phyto Sanitary permit.
5. We purchased the plants back in the province, get the papers DHL needed.
6. We brought the plants to the DHL office for shipping, again being informed that everything was in order. It was a Friday so the shipment will go out on Monday.
7. Tuesday came but DHL suddenly turns around and says “We cant ship your plants….”, Now the reason they say is there are 2 more papers required in order to ship. WTF?

*Queue plants wilting, Clients fuming*

8. We cant ship cause no more plants, we cant refund because we were expecting to make money not return it.
9. DHL wants to pay us a $100 for our trouble which doesnt even come close to the $300 that were gonna be refunding. We told them that we will take $200 and shoulder the $100 because i know how hard it is to get something out of these corporate dogs. And that still doesnt account for the embarrasment and humiliation of explaining to the client what the hell happened. Result: No dice.

Im sure if this happened to a Corporate Account, there will be hell to pay at someone at DHL. Magkakandarapa sila trying to minimize damage to the customer.

If it was a natural disaster,then fine thats understandable, but the error came from one of your employees who failed to properly inform us that additional papers were required. Kaya namin yan sir, yan ang sabi sa amin.

BUT if youre just some smalltime or a starting business who got screwed, DHL seemingly doesnt care if you will be getting the embarrasment of explaining to clients what happened and lose money in the process.

Author: Kiven
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2 thoughts on “DHL – You need to treat your customers better.

  1. coincidentally, magpapa-ship pa naman ako sa dhl. hope their service doesn’t suck as what you’ve experienced. heheh

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