The Playstation 3 and n00bs.

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Finally, first images of the PS3 debuted at this years E3 convention. Start drooling and be prepared to be eating noodles again.

Someone just posted a rather late reply to one of my hunter rants wayyyy back in february. get a life kiddo. learn to read too. it might help you someday.

and in the very slim chance that youre a mature adult, please send my deepest sympathies to your parents. if they still regard you as one of their own, that is.

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13 thoughts on “The Playstation 3 and n00bs.

  1. galing akong E3 kahapon, mainggit kayo mweheheehhe. nde ko nga lang nakita PS3 kasi “behind closed doors”. daming madanda na chix dun….maganda pa sa games.

  2. takte, akala ko mga pics nung gadget. pics pala ng mga chikas ang pinost ni james. swerte naman nun,, heheh =)

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