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Just got a copy of Guild Wars. Look for Anaka Nginamo or Anaka Nginamorin to say hi. =)

Mini Review:
PVP Action rocks.Counterstrike for RPGs.
I hate the loot drop types, too limited especially coming from WoW and Diablo.
I love the world though, great graphics engine.
Gotta love the way your cape sways when you move.
I also hate the “railings” on the paths.not to mention you cant jump.
Awesome character designs.I wish wow would implement some of the ideas here.
I also like the Streaming Updates.No Patch Day Server downtime here.
GW makes you feel part of a bigger world, esp with Koreans and Americans vying for supremacy atop the international ladder.
Not as deep as WoW but a great game nonetheless.
Did i mention it has NO MONTHLY FEE?

See ya online. =)

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