Bolinao Outing 2015

G Beach Resort – Trip to Bolinao Pangasinan

Last year, Me and my friends took a overnight trip up north to the white sand beaches of Bolinao, Pangasinan at a resort called G Beach Resort in Patar Beach. In hindsight, we should have stayed for at least 2 days but alas work got in the way. The town of Bolinao is approximately 280 kilometers from Manila and would take you 5-6 hours or more depending on what time you leave. We tried leaving at 6am in the morning and it still took us 6-7 hours after breezing past the SCTEX AND TPLEX to Urdaneta. We could have taken another potentially faster route which passes through the towns of San Clemente and Mangatarem and ends up in Lingayen but we decided to get some lunch in Robinsons Place in Calasiao town. The reason why you want to leave Metro Manila early is to avoid the busy stream of local jeepneys and tricycles plying through the national road which can increase your travel time.

Entry to SCTEX - Trip to Bolinao
Entry to SCTEX – Trip to Bolinao

Early morning travel on the NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX can give you some astounding views for photography, note that you probably wont be stopping or casually driving while you are on these roadways.

Sunrise at SCTEX - Trip to Bolinao
Sunrise at SCTEX – Trip to Bolinao

We arrived in Calasiao around 9:30am and made a quick stopover at Robinson’s Place for additional supplies.

Robinsons Place Calasiao Pangasinan
Stopover at Robinsons Place, Calasiao, Pangasinan

3 hours later, we found ourselves entering the beautiful town of Bolinao. A lighthouse signaled that we were on Patar Beach and our destination was near.

Our resort of choice was G Beach Resort in Patar Beach,the pleasant owner had a nice property just fronting the beach with white silky sand. There is a spot just in front of the resort where there are a ton of rocks, good spots for model or toy Photography. Too bad, I wasn’t able to bring a Figma or a Nendoroid with me during this trip.

We brought our own food supplies and the cooking and cleaning was done by the resort’s staff. We have been on numerous outings in the past but this one is where we really sat back and relaxed as we didn’t have to worry about the cooking and the dishes. The owner of G Beach Resort also graciously offered to buy us additional supplies the next day and cook it as well. I even had a one hour massage that night that i sorely needed.

G Beach Resort is located at Patar White Beach, Bolinao Pangasinan . Here is the Google Map to the resort: G Resort Patar White Beach Bolinao Pangasinan. I recommend that you bring a vehicle that can travel well over rough roads as the roads going to the resort aren’t finished yet.

Other activities and facilities you can avail of: Beach Volley Ball, Videoke, a nice dinner hall and kitchen, and BIG rooms with cold air conditioning.

I don’t know IF and when I’ll be back to Bolinao, Pangasinan but I’ll make sure to spend more than just a day the next time I’m in in this beautiful place!
Bolinao Outing 2015

Thanks for reading!

Note: This trip to Bolinao post was one year in the making. =)

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