Globe Tattoo Broadband DSL moves from a Daily to a Monthly Data Cap

Globe Telecoms has rolled out their new broadband DSL plans for 2015 and what i immediately noticed is that they have moved from a daily data cap to a even lesser Monthly data cap for new subscribers. Why lesser? A current monthly Php999 or 3Mbps postpaid user of Globe DSL has a daily limit of 7GB while a new user paying the same amount will have a monthly data cap of 10GB. :facepalm:

Globe’s broadband tier poster, as shown below, also confuses me a bit:

New users get freebies, perks and privileges like Unlicalls to Globe and TM and higher tiers get postpaids sticks and platinum hotline. Why not give me faster internet speeds and bigger data caps and let me pay extra for non-essentials like a concierge and relationship manager. The less i talk to a “relationship manager” the better as my broadband connection would probably not be giving me problems – the only time you need a premium hotline and relationship manager is when things don’t go as well as they should. This is my personal opinion based on my multi-year experience handling corporate class telco accounts. Why bundle so many services and features but the features that are limited are those that really matter to us as broadband consumers: SPEED and CAPACITY?

What Globe (and to be fair, Smart as well) promotes in its advertisements is a life of connectivity, surf without limits and access to the internet. Look at Globe’s new DSL chart again. SRSLY? You cannot have access to online gaming, essentially all streaming related media and video/audio downloading unless you pay 1,999? I believe even the lowest plan, assuming all things like latency are equal, can accommodate all of these activities that should be considered ubiquitous this 2015. It isn’t 2001 anymore, you know. I understand the marketing behind this “chart” but this just confuses new users and isn’t even very accurate.

Globe’s Volume Boost is to broadband services what In-App-Purchases (IAPs) are to mobile gaming. Essentially, you pay Php50 for 1GB extra of bandwidth up to Php300 for extra 10GB. These are optional yet readily available means for you to “enhance” your browsing experience. IAPs can either supplement the core experience or mess it all up because instead of getting one cohesive service you start micromanaging it like what Starbucks did to coffee. I am old school so I’ll leave all the perceived freedom of choices to millennials.

As a consumer, I want the best service i can get from my providers. My current deal with Globe is worth it or what we call in the vernacular as “sulit”. But if i was looking for a new broadband deal, I’d give these Globe DSL packages a looooong thought before signing up for a 2 year lock-in deal.

Source: GLOBE

Author: Kiven
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