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Gameloft’s mobile action rpg series is back with it’s newest iteration, Dungeon Hunter 5. I’ve been playing for quite a a bit and am already at Level 25 and enjoying the experience for the most part. While it won’t replace Diablo as my premier action rpg franchise, Gameloft has been steadily making improvements to their inspired creation.

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– Beautiful Graphics
– Bite sized gaming sessions
– Less dependency on potions
– Good PVP Implementation

– Performance is so-so depending on how high end your device is, doesnt run on Samsung Note 2 or S3
– Need to farm potions
– Generic Layout of PVP – could’ve added skills that work only or are triggered inside your base – more customization options for layout and abilities
– Tier type improvement of weapons and skills, no personalization choice except for elemental affinity

– Gameloft needs to make money and people who either have no time or no patience will have access to a lottery style weapon system acquisition (which is the kind i most hate) as well as access to cash and gems which can replenish resources to go on quests and do PVP.

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