Ragnarok Online Philippine Servers Closing Down

Ragnarok Online has always been the crown jewel of Philippine Online Gaming. It was the brand that really started the culture of online gaming in the Philippines and after more than 10 years, a feat in itself, Level Up! has announced that the Philippine servers of Ragnarok Online will be closing down.

Publisher Level Up!/Playweb has posted an announcement saying that current PH server users can be migrated to a new server courtesy of WarpPortal.


Ragnarok Online will always have a special place in my heart. See Philippine Ragnarok’s official website? http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph, That is my team’s work along with my friend Gail’s design skills. Even though i left Level Up as Head of Multimedia in 2011 and new owners took over, Ragnarok’s Online website remained the same.

From the Ragnarok World Championships held at level Up! Live in 2008, numerous events held across the country, numerous liveblogs with GMs and Brand managers, friendships made – I have a lot of good memories with this brand and i think a lot of Filipino Gamers have their own memories of RO. But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

Rok on!

Source: http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph/main/philippine-ragnarok-online-moves-to-a-new-home/

Author: Kiven
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