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I started this blog in 2004 with the intention to share my interests with other people on the internet. It started over at Blogspot but eventually bought a domain and started over in 2006. I learned WordPress over a weekend out of a work for hire (Thanks Jayvee F!) and eventually got the hang of working with themes, plugins and the whole wordpress ecosystem. Like most of my digital skills, i learned other new things by reading stuff on the internet and applying it on my own projects. I dived into digital marketing, content management, SEO, monetization, usability, and other related technologies with fervor knowing that these were areas that will shape the future. I enjoyed doing things not many other people are doing as well as being a pioneer in the upcoming social media race.

Kiven and Mike Abundo circa 2007
Kiven and Mike Abundo circa 2007

Me and cosplay blogger supreme Mike Abundo at one of the early meetups, circa 2007-2008 (i think)

Over the next few years, with hundreds of thousands of views and links, this became one of the more popular local blogs due to content geared toward photos of beautiful women and game related news. I made a lot of friends online, made a few enemies as well. I was hired for international blogging sites, i was rubbing elbows with the best guys in digital and even held some awesome jobs for companies such as LEVEL UP! Philippines. From 2004 to around 2011, the passion was still with me. I wanted to share, I wanted to maintain that “status” that i had online. The problem was that while i still enjoy the things i have written about those years, the passion for sharing has waned. But not because i didn’t want to share anymore, but it’s just SO MANY others are doing the same things nowadays, some are even doing it a lot better than i did all those years. I felt what i was writing didn’t have VALUE anymore, that is why my content releases have been so few and far between. I kinda feel like KODAK in the photography space right now: once celebrated, now surpassed by others. I wasn’t putting the same effort into the blog and thus numbers have gone down as you can imagine.

People do change and over the past 10 years i have covered a myriad of topics, i feel it is time to move on and contribute differently. My skills have expanded since 2004 – No longer the hungry upstart but a veteran of many wars and campaigns. The passion now is going from “how do i succeed” to “how can i influence others to become/do better” and “how to contribute to the bigger picture”.

Let me be clear: is not closing down. It has given me a lot more than i expected it to and it is a big part of my life and where i am right now. It has opened up opportunities that i might not have access to otherwise. But things will change around here, and hopefully it will have the same impact on me and others like my first run at this site. We’re growing old, kids and i feel my focus on content should reflect that change. I’ll still try to keep things fun and write naturally so maybe an FHM cover (or 3) might still sneak in from time to time.

For those new to the site, the old content will still be up. Enjoy the good old days. =)
But for advertisers/old friends/silent likers coming back at this old blog, Thanks for the all support all these years. I want to get back to writing about things i actually love doing/reading about NOW.

Time to reinvent myself again. =)

Author: Kiven
Kiven originally started this blog back in 2004 to document his forays into Half Life 2 and World of Warcraft. For more Play to Earn gaming news, Add me on Twitter: @Kiven and Like my Page on Facebook:

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