I got my Sony Playstation 4!

My Sony Playstation 4 arrived via courier from Amazon Prime in the US today. AND IT IS AWESOME! Check out some photos of me unboxing Sony’s next generation gaming console:







The Sony Playstation 4 has a sleek black plastic exterior that reminds me of the Playstation 2. It is also a bit smaller than the PS3 slim and weighs almost the same. Yes, you can use your PS3 cables on the PS4 and for those who are asking if your US PS4 supports autovoltage / dual voltage: yes, it does, even though the sticker and manual that came with it says 120V. Also as you might already know, the new Dualshock 4 is a much much better controller in terms of feel and function.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Gaming!

Author: Kiven
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