Dragonica SEA service to close down

Dragonica SEA game publisher IAH Games announced that they will be ending the game’s service by closing both Singaporean and Malaysian (both English and Chinese servers) Dragonica servers on May 30, 2012. The closure of Dragonica SEA is due to the expiration of the licensing contract with developer Gravity. Read the story below:

Since May 2009, together we have experienced countless fun & adventures from Dragonica Open Beta Test to Chapter 2: Revenge of Paris, Chapter 3: Reign of Frost and releasing of Chapter 4: Elga Unleashed. Skills were tested and friendships were made, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

Our licensing contract with Gravity is coming to an end. Gravity and IAHGames have come to a conclusion to discontinue the game service for the two regions – Dragonica Singapore and Malaysia Server. It is with deep regrets to announce that all game services for Dragonica Singapore and Malaysia will be ceased on 30th May 2012.

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to all our loyal gamers who have always been with us in this fruitful journey and enjoying the Online Services for this title, and we humbled by your kind understanding.

To show our appreciation for your support, we will be giving out various game packages to players who supported us over the years as our way of giving back to our valued community. The schedule below shows a list of key events leading up to final service termination on 30th of May 2012.

5th May 2012 13:00 (GMT+8)
– All items in the Cash Shop will be reduced to 1 Cash Points.

23th May 2012 15:00 (GMT+8)
– Dragonica gamers who have remaining Cash Points in their account will be able to get exclusive starter package to 3 games of IAHGames. (Fifa Online 2, Granado Espada and Counter Strike Online). Codes will be distributed via eDM (To registered email from IAHGames passport)

25th May 2012 12:00 (GMT+8)
– For gamers who top up from 28th of April 12:00hrs to 5th of May, 12:00hrs, the amount will be returned and credited to iWallet on 25th May 2012

9th -29th May2012
– Online Events (Crazy Hour Exp Boost, Upgrading / Item Enhancement Event)

30th May 2012 12:00 (GMT+8)
– Countdown to the final hour of Dragonica
– End of online service.

We understand that most of you would want your thoughts and words to be heard upon learning the news. Hence, we have dedicated a section to post your messages.

Team Dragonica would like to offer our heartfelt thanks for all the loyalty, support and participation you have given with us throughout the years. We sincerely hope that we will have the opportunity to serve you again in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Team Dragonica


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