How to fix “Failed to read a required file” in Diablo 3 Open beta weekend

The Diablo 3 open Beta weekend is set to start in a few hours and some users still need help with some installation/downloading errors. For users getting the error “Failed to read a required file” , try this solution:

Make sure agent.exe isn’t running. You can right click on your task bar and hit “Start Task Manager” or just “Task Manager”. If you see agent.exe you’ll want to end that process and make sure the diablo beta launcher isn’t running

Enjoy playing in the Diablo 3 Open Weekend!

Author: Kiven
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4 thoughts on “How to fix “Failed to read a required file” in Diablo 3 Open beta weekend

  1. This specific fix didn’t work for me, I think it might have been tied to a failure earlier on in the download process.  I had to use the uninstaller and remove whatever was already on my computer, and it seems to work now.

  2. This didnt work for me but I fixed this problem by going to here
    C:Program Files (x86)Diablo III BetaData_D3PCMPQsenUS

    and removing the most recent file from the folder and then the game worked after I launched it

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