Triple Town iOS Review

Triple Town by iOS developer SpryFox is such an addictive iOS game that i really needed to stop playing just to write this review. Triple Town is a match 3 game where the twist is that you’re trying to build the best town you can possibly have. You do this by combining 3 elements of the same kind to get the next one in the series, each rise up the element ladder means more points.

For ex. you put 3 bushes together to make 1 tree, 3 trees to make one house, 3 houses to make 1 mansion, and 3 mansions to complete the set and get a bonus reward chest.

Sounds simple right? But this proven and addictive formula has been given a twist: the occasional appearance of Yellow bears, which cant be combined with the other building elements, forces you to map out your strategy on which elements to combine as the only way to stop the yellow bears from moving every turn (an dpotentially eating up valuable building space) is by cornering them so they cant move. Cornered bears turn into Tombstones, and 3 line up tombstones make a church, 3 churches make a chapel, 3 chapels make a cathedral and 3 cathedral completes the set and gives you a reward chest. Whew.

Add to this clever mix Black Ninja Bears, who jump from one empty square to another, and the ability to buy elements from the ingame store, and you have one deliciously engaging game.

Deviously, the standard FREE Triple Town game has limited turns but as you get sucked into the addictive gameplay, those turns wont last long and you’ll either be cursing the slow regeneration of turns (max 150 stored) or if you’re like me, just buy the Unlimited turns feature via IAP.

I love Triple Town and i usually HATE Puzzle games. =) Triple Town is a must play game on the iOS, i HIGHLY recommend it.

Download Triple Town for FREE via the App store:

Author: Kiven
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