Fixes to Bounty Hounds Online Installation Problems

Having problems installing Level up! / Playweb’s Bounty Hounds Online Philippines?

Here are some of the most common BHO installation errors and how to fix them =)

Bounty Hounds Online Installation Errors

– Cannot install the client

Symptom: I have a linux computer and I can’t install
Explanation: Bounty Hounds Online is solely being developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

– Can’t install BHO

Symptom:: Can’t even install BHO, showing one of these images.

Resized to 95% (was 632 x 145) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Fix: You need to re-download the file/s affected by the error.
– Can’t download Client via Pando

Symptom:: Can’t even download the client, showing the image.
Posted Image
Fix: You need to turn-off your firewall and/or your anti virus.

– Can’t download Client via Torrent

Symptom:: When I click the torrent file, i get garbled messages.
Fix: You will need a BitTorrent client. If you don’t have one yet, download it now.

– d3dx9_38.dll missing

Symptom:: When I install, i get a System Error saying d3dx9_38.dll is missing.

Fix: You need to update your Direct X version.
Posted Image
Launcher Errors

– Shader Model Error

Symptom: you get the error “Do not Support Shader Model 3.0”

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Fix: Unfortunately it means your graphics card is not supported. Minimum Requirements: Video: Nvidia 6600 GT?256MB?/Radeon X1650. If it is supported, you might need to update your drivers, at Nvidia or ATI.

– Cannot connect

Symptom: I’m outside the Philippines and I can’t connect to the game.
Explanation: I’m sorry but Playweb Games has license only to PH territory.

– Launcher won’t start

Symptom:: Launcher won’t start and getting one of these images.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Resized to 96% (was 629 x 129) – Click image to enlargePosted Image

Fix: You need to install the files in the Utility.rar (also available when you download BHO).

– Can’t install .net framework from Utility.rar

Symptom:: I download the Utility.rar but I can’t install the .net framework.
Posted Image
Fix: Follow the given instruction. You will need to install the previous framework first.



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20 thoughts on “Fixes to Bounty Hounds Online Installation Problems

  1. ERROR: FAIL to CALL to Tool UPDATING …. i got same problems as yours can anyone help me how to fixed this problem…. i love to try this game too just like i play RF online…
    This is a levelupgames to right…. so please help me too…

  2. ung error ko po in game na! hindi ko po makita ang NPC’s at Monsters! pero ung mga monsters naatake naman ako at nadedeads ako kahit hindi ko kita! pano po fix dito sa error na to?

  3. ito ang error ko Launcher.exe – Application Error always.. even reformatt ko ng paulit ulit then install the requiremenst then patch ko working good after an hour biglang mag close ng di ko alam kung ano reason.. tapos run ko ulit then lilitaw na yung Launcher.exe – application error

  4. paano po to (ERROR: can not connect to internet) meron naman ako net…. tsk3!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. :((

  5. gm help , pag laro ko wala akong nakikitang mga NPC o kahit mga players…. na set ko nga ang graphics sa low, hinintay ko ngang mag loading wala pa rin eh?

  6.  My
    bounty hounds wont start. I just installed it using a free CD installer
    given to me. I successfully installed it, but it keeps on updating,
    then after updating it will automatically restart the launcher then
    start updating again, can someone help me with this???

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