Dragon Nest Philippines server in December 2011

“We’re going to have a dedicated server for ‘Dragon Nest SEA’ in the Philippines, and hopefully, this can be achieved by December this year.”

And with those words by vice-president and producer Addison Kang of Shanda Games, it looks like the Pinoy gamer’s fascination with South East Asia region published MMORPG Dragon Nest will finally be rewarded.

“One strong point of the game is that it has high-end graphics but it can run on low-end PCs and on low bandwidth as well,” adds Addison. “That’s rare. This is one reason that ‘Dragon Nest SEA’ is popular in the Philippines.”

Also based on the original article Shanda is looking at local Pinoy pro gaming team Mineski to partner with. What about Level Up!? or even (gasp) E-Games?! Either one should be jumping at the chance to host Dragon Nest’s local servers with how the game is currently doing with local fans. Maybe it is the cost?

We’ll see how Dragon Nest fares with a Philippines based server as Shanda Games has probably seen promising revenues coming out of Pinoy players playing on DN SEA servers.

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Author: Kiven
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36 thoughts on “Dragon Nest Philippines server in December 2011

  1. That’s interesting, Mineski hosting instead of LU or IP e-Games?  O.o

    For some reason I like that to materialize and be successful.  I mean, that will change the local hosting landscape, giving pro gaming teams a chance to enter the industry, as is common in Europe and the N.A.

  2. We know Mineski has a bad history when it comes to “FUNDS” So I hope Shanda will learn from this. Besides Level Up Games has much higher credibility than Minesky. If they’re going to pursue Minesky as their partner, then I would prolly be playing Ragnarok 2:Legend of the Second next year. IMHO.

  3. sna hindi ubos bulsa na game publisher pipiliin nla…cubizone ph its a better option. new and well known to its branches internationally.

  4. wala pa bah Drago Nest ph??  sana Level up ang mg-hawak para maganda un server.. thanks

  5. mag kakaron ba  ng dragon nest ph ? level up ang hahawak sana para madali lang…tapos level up game card ang gamitin wag na CC para lahat makakabili agad

  6. Lol so they made a move to remove Pinoy’s in the servers? Good Job. I’m from Philippines myself and i’m getting irritated by my country boys a lot^^

  7. I Hope They release this server soon.. I’am tired of other countries insulting the way we play the game, the way we play on PVP, even the way we speak English. So for the other countries
    who think they’re perfect at everything, STFU!! I’m proud to be a Filipino, i’am proud of helping even players from other countries to level up faster and finish the dungeons, just to show our nation’s friendliness and hospitality. Stop insulting our country and start enjoying this game!!!

  8. hindi mo maaalis yan. pano marami sa mga Pilipinong naglalaro, babastos ng bibig…walang breeding… kala mo kung sino. hindi ko nilalahat… naglalaro ako dati sa DN China Server wala ako na-encounter na bastos. Pero sa DN Sea naku po, pag nataon ka sa mayayabang na Pilipino player nakipag-party na kala mo kung sinong magagaling, mumurahin ka pa. Nakakahiya nga kasi pinakikita ng ibang Pilipino na ganun pag-uugali nila, damay tuloy ang iba.

  9. wag na sana matuloy ang PH server neto bakit? there are 10 reasons

    1.Magiging Magulo ang community ng Laro

    2.Hindi kagad maayos ng mga GM ang mga BUGs, Glitches, etc… (kasi BANOOBS mga GM d2 like ung sa RAGNA 2. Hindi na rinelease ng Level up y? kasi d nila maayos ung BUG)

    3.Mahirap na umalis dahil kung back to 0 nakakawala ng gana

    4.Back to lvl 24 cap then magaantay ng ilang months or year para tumaas ang cap sa 32 
    then vice versa

    5.Possible na ung mga nakukuhang drop sa DUNGEON ilagay sa CASH SHOP! ng mga Host kasi babawiin nila ung ginastos nila sa pagbili ng program

    6.PERA PERA PERA PERA PERA na ang labanan LIKE RAGNAROK dka lalakas at yayaman kung wala kang PERA

    7.One possible pa is LOW DROP RATES

    8.Dadami lalo ang mga SCAMMER, SELLER ng Gold etc.. at hindi ka papansinin ng mga support team

    9.possble na ang mga items sa cash shop ay MAGING DOBLE ANG PRICE at ung CC/Load nila ay Bababa ang value (350php=10,000 CC pag dating ng Ph server 500php=10,000)

    10.lalong madodoble ang LAG at pag LAG PARATING DC at panay SORRY lng ang GAGAWIN NG MGA GM

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