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You might have logged into your favorite Level Up! game or visited one of their game websites and found out that the Level Up! logo has an additional design feature added: By PlayWeb Games .

So what is Playweb Games?
As per the official post on the new EULA for Playweb, Playweb Games Inc. is the publisher and operator of all game titles and services under the Level Up! brand in the Philippines.

Also according to this official post, Level Up! International Holdings Pte. Ltd. (LUIHPL), the original parent company of Level Up! Inc. (LUI), has announced that it has acquired the ownership shares of ePLDT in LUI. At the same time, LUI has announced that effective Sep. 1, it will sub-license all of its games to local online gaming company, Playweb Games Inc.


So what’s with the new EULA or End user license agreement?
The terms of use of the EULA under Playweb Games Inc. contains the same policies and regulations as that of the old EULA with Level Up! Inc. Despite having to enter into this new EULA, there will be no effect whatsoever in how a player would normally access/play his game account or MyLU account.

So, i’m assuming that you will basically still enjoy your favorite Level Up! games and services (such as MyLU) with minimal fuss.

Author: Kiven
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  1. where could i find the details concerning the new game? di po kasi operational ung link dun sa beta card pass that was given during LU live last saturday

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