Dragon Nest Fast Leveling Guide 18-24 by fataly1

Check out this Dragon Nest Fast Fast Leveling Guide for levels 18 to 24 by user fataly1 over the MMOSITE Dragon Nest FOrums:

NOTE: Check out the Fast Leveling Guide for Level 1-20 over at https://codamon.com/2011/08/dragon-nest-fast-leveling-guide-1-20/

This is a somewhat known Dragon Nest level up trick to quickly get from level 18 to 24, but I don’t see many people publicly announcing it or anything. So I wanted to post a guide to show everyone, including the newbies, on how to level up really fast from as little as 18 till 24! This little trick I have is called speed running. Speed running, is basically completing the dungeon as fast as you can without picking up anything (to get as much exp/min as possible). You can get around 50k exp every 3-4 minutes! That’s pretty good exp! Lets get started..

So to begin, I might as well tell you what we are going to run yes? Yes… We are going to do Astral Coven Laboratory. Why? Astral Coven Laboratory is easily one of the easiest places to clear super fast no matter what difficult you are in even as solo! You will be running this dungeon on master solo( abyss takes too long to sol with level 16 eq). Before we say discuss this any further, I would like to set some Recommendations before you do this

Recommendations :
1) Have a Health pool of 4k or higher.
2)Know how to dodge (so you don’t get slowed by hits from spider web attack!)
3) Have an magic or physical attack(depends on class) of 400 or higher(so you kill things somewhat efficiently)
4)Do all the commissions for Astral Coven Laboratory first. (You need to do it all in order to unlock the master commission)
5)Be prepared to grind for a while…

note: these are just recommendations… You can do it at with 50 attack or w/e if you really wanted to or w/e but don’t expect to level fast.

Okay, if you have all those then you should be ready to do Astral Coven! If you don’t know where Astral Coven is then i’ll tell you.. Heading out of Caderock pass, go crystal stream valley and go to the bridge and take a right to the portal. After loading page, keep going straight and that portal takes you there! (watch out that you don’t do orc camp lmao).

Before I start, some of you might be wondering why do Astral Coven Laboratory run instead of (insert name of dungeon here). Like i said earlier, Astral Coven is fastest to clear in the least amount of time. You get 19k exp from quest and around 30k from doing the whole dungeon itself. It can easily be done in 3-4 minutes, and drops are somewhat good. ( only get onyx)

Now that I have that clear lets get started!
1) Get the  master commission for Astral Coven Laboratory

( I put that picture so you can see how much exp you get exactly

2)) Enter dungeon on Master difficulty

3) Only kill big spiders  in order to advance through portals (Kill them like it’s your life! Only pick up the crude onyx if you have to /want to )

4)Get to boss and kill kill kill him ASAP. Forget about other spiders because if you kill boss then the spiders go away right after.

5) When done… Press  return to closest field and turn in commission.

6) Repeat steps 2-5  two to three more times..

7)Return to town, sell the pouches or w/e u picked up(not crudes) and go back to step one till your desired level

It’s really easy beating this dungeon in 3-4 minutes, you just need to know your class somewhat and know what kills monsters the fastest! Warriors can be good here because they have dash (faster). Acro’s are good here because they are quick. Ele’s for aoe. Other classes are meh here since they don’t kill as fast as the above (unless you have good armor :p )

Here’s me clearing the dungeon in like 3 minutes.

You should get a level up every 30-45 min or so… Maybe an hour tops. Remember, the main objective here is about speed!
Here’s a video of me (my friend is recording me, I’m the one killing

Now you know the secret on how your friends level up so fast.. Get to 24 and be one of them already haha! Good luck leveling my friends!

Credits: Prizzon for recording the video and fataly1 for taking the pics and writing this guide.


Author: Kiven
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7 thoughts on “Dragon Nest Fast Leveling Guide 18-24 by fataly1

  1. 20-22 sanctuary core master (you get 8 rough agates per round in addition)

    22-24 prayers resting place
    other things sucks.. btw lvl up each hour? i leveled from 22 to 24 in 1 hour 30 mins leveling like this, and im PRIEST.

    The secret is just a good PT, you forgot to speak about this.

  2. no, its not -___-, running on master is much faster and safer, sure you’ll get a bit more exp, but take into account gear durability, not to mention the bosses to deal with, huger and tougher mobs, if you’re playing in a group then yeah abyss, otherwise master is the limit for quick solo leveling.

  3. hey thanks for the guide and all, but i think its way too slow, everyone says to do the spider boss level on abyss in a group, ever tried getting a group on dragon nest sea springwood servers? its impossible, i could reach level cap 2 times over b4 getting into a party -__-. i did the road of no return, the dugeon run is about 5 mins, and gives about 30k to 40k on a Hard run. when you level up to 19 or 20 i think you get a commissions quest, it is for master difficulty and it give you 27 k and its repeatable :D.. <– and the duegeon can be easily solo'ed. you can get to level 20 in about 2 hours or less. just saying this way is much quicker, point to note, try to get all your gear to atleast +6, get heraldy enhancement and hidden potential. also, you get like 8-10 rough agates and about 2-3 special rough agates( the class oreinted ones) and loads of blue (rare quality) gear :D, just saying i think this would be a faster soloing guide. best solo class for me though is academic, i mean being level 18 and soloing a level 23 duegeon on abyss (without dying) is pretty damned good xD

  4.  wait my bad, its not the raod of return, its catatomb halls, the one with two snakes blocking it. although you can do road of no return from 15 – 18 on normal or hard if your good. the boss is a pain in the ***, never attack from the front and you need to keep moving constantly ( there about 7-8 harpies thee as well), also learn the the skill that lets you counter attack when you fall down and the one that lets you maintain balace when you thrown upward by and enemy <– highly recommended for the bosses of the two dugeons. :)

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