continent of the ninth sea

Continent of the Ninth C9 SEA to be run by Thailand’s Ini3 Digital

WEBZEN has signed a contract for Continent of the Ninth (C)9 with Ini3 Digital Co.,Ltd., one of the top online game publishers in Thailand.

continent of the ninth sea

WEBZEN and Ini3 Digital will discuss more details regarding its localization and content updates, aimed at C9 service in Thailand within 2012. Continent of the Ninth is an Action RPG featuring Unreal3 powered graphics, character customization, and inspired animations. C9 has been beloved by many gamers in Korea and won a winner of five Korea Game Awards in 2009, including the Grand Award.

Will the service run by Thailand’s Ini3 Digital encompass the whole SEA? Or Will another publisher take the reins for countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore? Guess we will need to wait to find out…


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